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Experiencing Life With E💭

Q 1💭What does happiness look like for you ?

E🦋Happiness for Erica looks like

Me living my dreams of becoming a Screenwriter

And a really damn good one

Working for Disney and shit lol

I don’t mind working for Disney because honestly they got the budget to produce like apparently anything. Over there it seems they always find a way to reinvent the same wheel 😂

And we feed into it like they did something new

That’s true genius

With a loyal fan base

I don’t think it’s a coincidence I share the same birthday as Walt Disney Meanwhile wanting the keys to the Disney Kingdom

Like that’s crazy

That’s what I dream about

My dreams finally coming true

Being surrounded by people who are so talented and we make magic together

That will change the next persons life to dream big and never give up

For the first time in my life I’m not gonna just quit

I’m gonna find a way to follow through and make this a reality

It’s gonna be so hard but I believe in myself

Today is day 2

Of the writer who hardly writes

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