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Experiencing Life with E🦋

So I know it’s been along time since I’ve written

But honestly I haven’t been motivated to write

But as someone who claims they want to be a writer

I am establishing

A new set of discipline and order in my life

And I will write even when I do not feel like it

Or when I’m not motivated

Because the truth is I actually do it right all the time

Every thought that comes to mind


I just get so overwhelmed by the daily activities of life

And I definitely am still working on feeling self-conscious about reading my work and releasing it

So today I have a meeting

That I set in motion

And I am terrified and excited

Terrified because I have no idea how the conversation is going to go which worries me

Excited because I legit was brave enough to even ask for this meeting

So I will keep you updated on how it goes

Cheers to a life I am designing

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