Experiencing Life With E 💭

This month

I’m working on the hardest project of my life

One that has my core shaken inside and out

I’m applying to the Disney Screenwriter


And when I tell you it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life

And I’m terrified

I’m terrified I’m not good enough to get into program

I have no training or experience as a screenwriter

I’m terrified that I’m wasting my time

I’m worried I’m not ready

I’m scared someone will read my script and laugh at me

For such Amateur work

But as the days go on

I tackle these fears

By practicing and learning my craft

I’m watching videos everyday

I’m reading all the books I can find on screenwriting

And most importantly I’m giving myself permission to try

And fail

The more I worry about the what if’s

What if I don’t get in ?

What if I get laughed at ?

What if I look dumb for even trying ?

The more my brain is filling in

Those what if’s


What if you do get in ?

What if they don’t laugh ?

What if your story can heal someone ?

The more I’m trying and giving myself Grace that of course I’m not perfect at this

Of course Everything I produce won’t be a master piece

The more empowered I feel to keep trying

And failing

Each day I’m closer to my dreams by trying than telling myself don’t try because the What if’s

How about What if all your dreams could come true if you truly do have the courage to pursue them

Im giving this everything I got and more

I want this more than I want anything

And I know this journey won’t end with this program

It’s gonna be great if/when I get accepted

But it’s gonna be even greater than I didn’t give up

Because I got scared

I want my story to show people

It’s possible if you try

And never quit !

So wish me luck

On the scariest most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done for myself

Mama I’m on my way to Disney !!!

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