Experiencing Life With E 💭

Q💭What’s on your mind E?

Honestly I’m still really upset about my “friend” coming to me on some bullshit about unfollowing her on social media. When I tell you I can’t shake the anger that enraged my soul reading that text message.

Everything inside me wanted to retort

How dare you question my choice ?

When I watched you

Literally scroll pass my content consistently without



SharingMy content

To me that was the ultimate sign of betrayal to even receive a message like that

When I have done nothing to warrant it

Honestly I should be more upset that I have so many so called “friends” and family

Who don’t support what I’m trying to do but have the audacity to question my decision

I am beyond disgusted

When I tell you E

How lonely I’ve been inside my thoughts because I literally have no one who gives a damn

About my stories

And yes people say they care

But do they ?

Not once have I had a person aside from my mom and partner

Even mention an article I’ve written

In my eyes

You can’t care for me in the way that’s Matter if you don’t even try to connect with me on things that matter to me

For so long I’ve put other people first

I ask about their life

Their interest

Their hopes

Their dreams

Their fears

And ways I can support them

And guess what I literally get none of this in return

I record all my own videos

I pay for my own photoshoots

I travel and research locations

With no help

Honestly it hurts my feelings

That I have no one who supports me in a way that truly shows me

That my work matters

And I’m so angry

That I have to defend my choices to others

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