Experiencing Life With E💭

Q:💭E what’s on your mind today ?

E🦋I’m glad you asked cuz when I tell I’m heated by the bullshit my friend tried me with yesterday about social media

If you’ve been listening

To me I’ve expressed how serious I am about this shit

This is my life and I’m not playing about it anymore and I’m not apologizing anymore to anyone who doesn’t see my vision

I refuse to let anyone stop me from reaching my goals

family or friends

I choose me first

And my dreams are important to me

It’s crazy someone would call me out

About unfollowing them on a platform that all I do is promote my business

And I get zero engagement

Zero likes

Zero comments

Zero shares

From them

So make it make sense

I want a community on my platforms that support me

And seek me out

I’m not playing about this

So let this serve as a warning for anyone who comes to me about anything that has nothing to do with getting to the bag

I’m not playing about my dreams and my life

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