Experiencing Life With E💭

Q💭:Name something you’ve tried and failed at? Are you still trying?

A🦋 I feel like I’ve been failed this life thing a lot mostly because let’s be real nobody really has it figured it out. It’s literally like the blind leading the blind and honestly it’s exhausting. It’s hard feeling like you’re a loser who hasn’t really accomplished anything of value to you. Yea I can say I have a bunch of accolades but what do they mean to me ?

Honestly nothing

It’s not what I wanted

But it’s what I did to survive and he accepted by societal standards

I still feel empty

Because I haven’t achieved anything that is just for me

Rather than stay in this empty place I decided to be proactive and make a change

I did the shadow work

And I asked myself the hard questions

I asked myself what do I want ?

And of course I came up empty time and time again because

each goal or objective felt


When I stopped searching for that magical perfect answer It finally revealed itself

Mostly because it had been there all along

Happiness isn’t what movies paint it to be

It’s not this magical thing that happens just because you accomplish something

Because at the end of the day we will always want more and it will never be enough

When I think of the happy version of me

I know I’m the happiest when I’m reading.

I feel I’ve been transported into a new world

With new friends trying to survive this adventure in one piece.

When I read I read for me

Nothing makes me feel more alive inside than starting and finishing a new story

I feel each story lives within me

And I carry those friends with me

In this reality

I learn from their mistakes

And I use their new found confidence

And I apply that to my life as well

I transform after each story

The best thing I can say I’ve done for my life was when I started my book club

My book club gives me so much joy

And I’m the only member 😂

One day I’ll find dedicated members

My Book Club is my pride and joy

It makes me no money

And nobody really cares

But I care and it makes me happy

I lost sight of that because of the lack of support and lack of “likes”

But I believe one day I will have a Book Club

That even Oprah’s Book Club will recommend to others 🙃

My books have allowed me to think big and dream bigger

I hope that other people can find their happy place that is special to them

No matter if other people support you or not

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