Experiencing Life with E🦋

Q💭 What bothers you ?

A🦋 Honestly what bothers me is this messed up world. It’s frustrating how nobody cares how cruelly flawed this world is. Everyone just blindly accepts the horrible treatment as is without questioning it. All of this feels like some cruel joke that only a few paid enough attention to notice. The ones who actually are aware are the ones who suffer the most because it’s like trying to connivence a caged animal it could actually be free.

It’s exhausting honestly and the more I watch I notice people don’t want to be free because the lie is more comfortable.

It’s sad that I finally understand the messages movies use to send as warnings. The Matrix showed us that we would rather stay plugged in because the lie looks more appealing. I have been guiltily of making poor choices due to my eyes.

It’s so hard to not be controlled by so much stimulus trying to control you and break you at the same time. I feel overwhelmed most days when I’m around others because of all of the negative projections you can feel

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