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Experiencing Life With E💭

Today in simple terms was horrible. Nothing bad happened physically to me but mentally I was under attack and I felt I was going to explode.

Long story short

I transitioned into a new position and I thought it would be fun and an cool opportunity

And I’m not saying it can’t be

Because there are so many benefits

And perks

But the downside of not being able to work with people who can’t do what’s best for the team

Will always bother me

Lately I’ve been questioning if I made a mistake with this transition

But I honestly don’t think I did

I feel we are at that uncomfortable awkward stage where everyone is trying to

Get their voice heard

But I feel if everyone just listened more we could sail through this uncomfortable stage and get to work

Today I wanted to explode during my meeting and honestly I did lol

I left and had a mini meltdown in the bathroom

Went for a donut to replenish my sugar levels

And returned

Still flustered but I came back

Even tho I thought about never coming back

I identified one area of improvement I need to work on is giving up when things become too hard or uncomfortable for me

I need to figure out a way to make this work for me until it’s time for my next journey

To decompress I decided to do something different

And I went to the skating rink and I just skated my little heart away

And it felt so good

To just be there

Listening to music


I even wrote some mental scripts featuring a Skating Rink

Wish me luck with not giving up

And my skating rink story

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