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Experiencing Life With E

Imagine wanting to be a writer but never writing 🙃

Honestly idk how to explain it where it can make sense. It doesn’t make sense to me either but I’m going to roll with it because there isn’t anything else I could see myself doing

Besides being a writer. I suppose a lot of issues come back to being so uninspired by life in general. Honestly, if you really think about it life is really a series of disappointments with random Spurs of joy just to keep you semi tethered to this madness. And that’s how I feel everyday that all of this is madness

None of this makes sense and it’s frustrating nobody cares to make it make sense.

We waste so much time

So much precious life we have

When we have zero idea what happens when we leave here

This could be our one chance to live the life we deserve before who knows ?

I just wish things could be different

And yes one could say why don’t you change it but honestly I don’t want to spend my life fighting to convince people to see the truth

I want peace and fun

And I’m just so sick of everyone trying to ruin that for me

With things that don’t matter

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