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Experiencing life with E 📖

Experiencing life with E

Q:💭 are you much of gambler ?

A⌛️: honestly no

not because I don’t like to play

But I’ve realized I like to play safe

Out of fear

Always scared to make waves and go against the grain

Life is an amusing cruel joke where

people will tell you to be yourself

But in a way that’s palatable to their standards

I realized I don’t like to lose

So I play safe

Which ultimately I feel I ironically still end up losing because I never truly allow myself to just be free

I’m always stuck in this invisible box

Life is scary

It literally feels like a punishment being on earth half of the time

This game was set up for us to lose

Unless you fight for the controller

To enter the level of your life

That would forever stay unlocked

Without taking a risk

I’m ready to bet on myself

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