Experiencing Earth With E📸


Has helped me with controlling my anger

I feel as a type A control freak

It really use to bother me that

My life didn’t turn out how I thought it would

What I had envisioned

Was that I’d be finishing up medical school and heading into my sports medicine residency

To be on track to become an orthopedic sports medicine physician

But as I began to truly discover myself

I realized All these “plans” I had

They weren’t truly what I desired

They were nice shiny and prestigious of course

Cuz boy does everyone treat you different when you tell them you’re training to become a doctor over any other career

(Which is ironic cuz people literally hate going to the doctors lol but are so obsessed with doctors)

During my time in college

I truly had the opportunity to explore anything I wanted

I got to be free and enjoy trying and failing at anything

My personality is a free

Fun spirit

Who likes to go with the flow

I wake up each day

Ready to change the world

Even if that means learning a new skill

Or just shifting my perspective

I didn’t accomplish my “goal” of becoming a a medical doctor because it is not what I’m passionate about

I didn’t live and breathe science

and idk about anyone else but I’d trust the person who loves medicine over the person who it just doing it to say they are doing it

When I found photography

I just fell in love

I am happy to be pursuing my doctoral degree in film because

It genuinely makes me happy

Pursuing higher learning

Shouldn’t be taken lightly

When I go to class I want to be excited to be there

Not dreading class

And just trying to pass to make money

or to have a fancy title

Film and photography brings me so much joy

And I can’t wait to continue this life long journey exploring new ways to capture life in a frame

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