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So today I’m brainstorming how I will be able to monetize my social media accounts. Tbh I’m so excited and proud of how far I’ve come. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d ever want to be a social media person. But tbh the more and more I think of why was because of limiting beliefs.

Never before have I felt this confident about myself and it’s all simply because I choose to value myself over other’s opinions. I’m sure a lot of people can look at my content and say it’s stupid or trash but when I look back at the art I created my eyes swell up with tears because I remember how far that girl how to fight to be this version

So who cares if people laugh at you

Or make you feel bad for doing something you love

I’m happy and having fun with my social media

Obviously on the days my content is hitting 😂😂😂

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