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What is something that bothers you but doesn’t phase other people?

The Storyteller🦋

One thing that has always bugged is how “exclusive”golf courses try to hold themselves.

Exclusive not even in the sort of way one would expect to actually gain anything of value but more on the lines of excluding a select group of people. Never have I walked into any golf course and I’ve visited numerous ones have I ever felt welcomed. Every vibe I get makes me feel uncomfortable and I want to leave immediately because that’s the tone that was set from the beginning of time.

It’s disappointing but not surprising that I am made to feel like a trespasser when I all I want is to enjoy the beauty of the sport and work on my craft. Each time

I’m made to feel like a spectacle at a circus. All eyes always on me to remind me my kind doesn’t belong here.

Today was the last day I will allow this treatment towards myself or others.

I no longer will accept anyone to make me feel like I don’t belong.

I will force golf courses to be more inclusive to others that don’t fit their stereotypical guest profile if it’s one of the last things I do.

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