Dream it 💌

Book club question📖

What has been your greatest self discovery?

The Storyteller🦋

Discovering I can be whatever my heart desires was actually kinda scary. As much as people hate to admit it we like to feel like we’re following a path in order to feel we have some sort of accomplishment to look back on. This is how we were taught to measure our success. We tell kids they can grow up and be whatever their heart desires but fail to help people truly figure out who do they actually want to be ?

Somehow between childhood to “adulting” we lost our way. We stopped dreaming. Our brains became rewired to believe that success and all the things that we desire somehow is only reserved for a select group of people. We

Start feeding ourselves this self-fulfiling prophecy’s until it becomes our reality.

Once I realized we are all players in this rigged and unfair game called life and I had two options play or be played. I chose the latter.

This game has no manual or blueprint there are no true rules therefore we are free to play how we see fit.And I’m ready to play my way because this current round is boring and my soul is parched for something more.

I’m ready to play

And winning is the only option 🎮

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