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Dear USF,

From the bottom of my heart thank you for an amazing college experience! Since I was a child Bush Gardens always felt like a second home to me. So one could say I was destined to attend a preeminent University.

My senior year in high school I applied and was denied entrance. I was devastated but I never let that deter me. I attended a (unnamed university nearby lol) but in my heart I knew USF was where I was meant to be.

I know UF students like to think they are the “Ivy league of the South” buttttt we alllllll know USF is the true “Harvard of the South “ lol

I never gave up my dream to attend USF. I made sure I did what I had to do to earn enough credits and I applied as a transfer student in 2015.

I called the admissions department everyday for an update on my application status. Please forgive me for what I’m about to say but I almost considered for a split second of temporary insanity attending UCF because they accepted me first.

I just want it to be known I held off on that admissions decision until the last minute before the Fall term began.

When I finally got that acceptance letter to USF my life transformed into everything I envisioned my college experience should entail plus more. I knew I had to come to USF and do anything my heart desired.

I joined

The Orientation Team

Became the Director of Hydration working in the athletic training room

Became a Spirit Ambassador ✨

Competed in my first pageant

Made a lifetime of memories.

My college experience was one to remember and I am grateful to have been immersed in an environment designed to bring out the best version of myself to present to the world.

USF I miss you so much

My light will always shine bright

And I will continue to carry the Bull name with dignity, pride and the respect we deserve.

Please do not hesitate to invite me to a -Football game (including)

-Sky box access at Raymond James

-VIP field access

-Featured on the Jumbotron


As always Go Bulls Forever and always



A Proud Alumni

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