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Do you think there is a secret to success ?

How would you describe success ?

The Storyteller🦋

I don’t believe there is a “secret” to success because success is based off perspective. Majority of people live in a false reality of what they have been spoon fed to believe “success” looks like.Success in my opinion is when you’re able to have complete control of your time and thoughts.

Most people aren’t aware there is a deeper part within us

That’s always speaking to us

That inner compass that is always trying to guide you

Most don’t listen to that inner voice

And go through life aimlessly and feeling alone Even though we are never alone

When you’re able to slow your mind and all the thoughts

In order for your brain to make sense of all the information and process it

You’ll be able to see the truth of the world

And all the things we overlooked

The world

Undoubtedly looks scarier

When you’re able to slow your thoughts and just observe

This is now a new level you have unlocked and

The consequence is being able to now see all the things that were hidden in plain sight that have now become visible to you

Your mind allows you to control your thoughts and behaviors

When you no longer feel the need to people please and

To accomplish what society tells you

You have then unlocked the truest level of success

Because now the choice is left up to you

And not the shame, guilt and disappointment that comes from the outer worlds expectations of you

I currently work with students who everyday are on the same hamster wheel of “ I want to become a doctor”

Which is a perfectly normal dream for someone who truly wants to pursue this profession

However, the trap most of us fall into

Is that we idolize and Romanticize these professions

Without any true desire to practice the actual profession

Everyone wants the benefits of calling themselves

A doctor

Or a lawyer

Without understanding the actual trade off of these professions

People fail to realize

The amount of schooling



Lack of sleep

Countless hours working

and stress

These professions require

Unless you’re going to be a part time doctor or part time lawyer

People don’t think about their choices

And “desires”

And the sacrifices it comes with

I was under that same trap

And up until recently

I felt the medical or the health care field was

Where I should be

What else would I do ?

I got my degree in health science

I might as well use it

And I kept putting myself through courses that yes intrigued my short term interest but at the core

Truly bored me

And I had to face the reality

Of yes I could do it

If I choose to

But at what cost

Being a mediocre doctor with tons of debt

And not enough time to enjoy the life I want because I’m at work all just so I can introduce my ” fancy” title that I cared more about than the actual profession

Or finding something that electrifies my soul so I could be one of the best in my craft

I want my work

To be something I’m excited to go to

That of course pays me handsomely

But each day I’m inspired

And able to create new art

Is my life goal

I had to reclaim my mind back

From the world

And retrain it

I am now the

Architect of my life

I can live a life I intentionally plan

This is the ultimate secret to success

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