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Do you have anything that makes you feel self conscious?

The StoryTeller🦋

What makes me feel self conscious is

The fact people try to put me in a box

And get confused when I don’t fit

I am a person that you can describe but then you can describe me in the complete opposite way

I am a ray of sunshine

But I can also be a storm of anger and furry if things don’t go accordingly

I am inviting yet reclusive

I literally move at my own beat

And do what I want

When people try push their own insecurities and bad energy on me

Because I am human

Those bad energies sometimes cloud my judgement and I wonder if I’m doing something wrong

But then I guess it is wrong when you don’t need the approval of the world and a pat on the back constantly

I was created to be different

Because technically we all were

Unfortunately only some of us are brave enough to step outside of societal accepted norms and dance to our beat

One thing about Erica is she will be Erica

I’ve accepted a long time ago

Either you like me or you don’t

There’s really no in between

And that’s okay

I’m not rated E for Everyone

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