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What is something that most people don’t take time to reflect on ?

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Most people don’t take time to reflect on their surroundings. Everyone is always in a rush and a hurry and can’t be bothered with mundane tasks such as organization.

Your environment such as your home, your car, your office are the only things truly within your control and how it’s kept is a true reflection of you.

Disorderly spaces

Indicate a level of disconnect between you your shared space

It’s uncomfortable and Uninviting viewing a messy space

People who function at this level

Will be the same ones

Who say I know where everything is

But 15 minutes and several cuss words later will be repeatedly searching to retrieve an item

Organization allows the brain to

make sense of this crazy chaotic world

You legit are helping your brain relax

By just being orderly

But some people like to thrive in chaotic environments as if to prove something

People like to wear intentional trauma like a badge of honor when there are people wishing to escape the torment the world always has waiting

Taking a moment to slow down

And give your Brain well needed rest

Can save you from frustration and time

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