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What do you want to be remembered for?

The StoryTeller🦋

I want to be remembered for remaining true to myself. This world has a funny way of twisting and altering our perception of reality.

For so long you’re convinced you have to achieve certain things and act a certain way on top of making sure you don’t create any waves and go against the grain

It’s always to stay in line and follow the mass

Something about this mindless programmed nonsense doesn’t sit right with me

And because nobody ever understands me

It feels like I’m talking to myself about certain things majority of the time

Little by little I feel I have grown tired of downplaying my vibrant personality

I feel I can’t shine bright enough

Because I’m not yet in an environment where I’m Appreciated for who I am yet

I want to be remembered for being amongst that small percentage of people who have finally had enough and started reclaiming my space and time

I want to be remembered for reclaiming back my life and simply having fun during the rest of my days on this Earth

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