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What is something that doesn’t sit right with you ?

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I’m so glad you asked. Something that doesn’t sit right with me is others lack of care for their fellow humans well-being in the simplest regard during a national pandemic. I wanted to finally do something outside of my home today and go to the movies to see Venom. (The movie was okay I left so I didn’t see the ending but it’s marvel so it’s predictable lol and plus there is no way I’m rooting for the psycho serial killer as the victor)

This lady was in there hacking her lungs out

And I personally feel so disrespected

Like how little regard can you have for other peoples lives that you’re coughing up a storm during a pandemic

I was absolutely disgusted

And asked for a full refund for my tickets

Who knows what I could have contracted now

I do feel my throat swelling up now that I think about it

People like this

Truly deserve to be on their own Island with other inconsiderate people

I think this group of people deserve each other

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