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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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If you could change three things about the world, what would you change and why?

I wouldn’t even know where to begin

Honestly, the lord knew what he was doing in Genesis 7:1 because whew Chile it’s ghetto out here. Like everything is a mess literally

If it’s not about pollution, global warming, natural disasters, racial oppression, violence… it’s always something

Sometimes I hate it here

If I could change Three things about the world it would be the following

1.People should be accountable for their actions

Acknowledge the choices you make and the consequences that come with those choices. The choices you make that effect other people show your level of care for them. Care about others more than you care for yourself

People are so selfish and self serving it’s disgusting. Take a moment and think how you could help someone even in the slightest way

This would lead to more community and less worrying about safety because you know someone always has your back

2.Be kind to yourself

We only have this one body

This one life as far as I know

We will only be able to look like who we are

Nobody else in the world can be you

Nobody else has what you have inside

Of you

Shine bright

There is enough sky for all of us to shine ✨

3. I want to change the Black hearts full of hate

this world has so graciously taken on as their calling to always make Black people

feel less than and unwelcome in any space we are present

I want a world where we don’t have to worry that someone is treating us unfairly not because we did anything wrong but because they hold hatred in their black hearts

I want a world Black people can be free to actually just live without being scared all the time

fighting the battle of racism on top of all the other problems in the world

honestly it’s a lot

and we deserve to rest

and live life just like everyone else

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