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Do you have an alter ego? What is this personality like ?

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I think it’s actually interesting people who do have alter egos. The dualism it takes to control two opposite personalities and combine them into one ultimate person is fascinating.

Lauren Blake is my alter ego

If you know me I literally name everything I like Lauren Blake 😂

That’s just me

When I like it

I like it 🤷🏿‍♀️

Lauren is a preppy and prissy kind of girl so essentially me but without the overthinking and self doubting

Lauren knows the world is hers

And she will let it be known

She is coming for what’s hers

So move out the way or it’s on sight

true fighters know you don’t have to use your fist to win any true battle

Because I haven’t fully learned how to play the rules of this game of life yet I am still

Trying to navigate with caution

However, Lauren feels she will play by her own rules unapologetically

what’s the point when this game was rigged from the beginning

Like everything

balance is key

Because the two need to be in harmony with one another in order

To truly survive this cruel world

Erica overthinks out of safety

Lauren takes risks because nothing in life is truly “safe” so why not

Two extremes working together to help me achieve the life I want

Thankful for both of them 🦋

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