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What effect do you think social media has on you and the people around you?

The StoryTeller🦋

The dramatic reports on the effects of Social media although highly disregarded

Are very true

The platform is a drug

It’s addictive

We always have the need to be


In fear of missing out on something

Always scrolling



Wasting time

Disconnecting from reality

Social media if used properly can be a useful tool to help showcase what you have to offer

On a national platform

Vs the golden days of literally having to go door to door to to get people to see your art

Social media has allowed people the opportunity to show-chase and market themselves with the advancement of technology

Social media can be an asset

But if used incorrectly to fill a void

The side effects can be

Detrimental to ones mental and physical health

The reality is nobody wants to accept the truth

There will always be someone




Than you

But that doesn’t invalidate who you are as a person

All you ever can ever do is be the best version of you

And show up as that person each day

And support others without knocking each other down

People should use more caution on social media

And pay attention to what you’re consuming as you’re subconsciously feeding these images and thoughts into your head

Remember to pick your Poison

Wisely and with cation

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