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Are you a saver or a spender? In what ways does this habit help you or hold you back?

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What’s the word for someone who is a spender and saver lol. I can only speak for myself I do believe in saving but I also believe in the today and now. Denying myself of simple pleasures just is not in the cards for me. I believe like everything there needs to be a balance. Putting everything away for the hopes to day use it makes no sense. In the same fashion spending everything you have because tomorrow isn’t promised …. Then all of a sudden it’s the next day.

Balance is key.

I want to feel secure enough to know I can handle any inconvenience life loves to graciously hand us

With ease

I also want to enjoy the money I earn so I can have fun in my daily moments

Which promotes even more financial growth in my opinion. Living within my means has also been something I had to learn.

I don’t need all the hottest designer labels

Having items that bring me joy at an affordable rate brings me joy

Can’t wait for the day where companies want lavish me in their products

Until then I will swipe and save as much as possible💳

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