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List 5 facts about you nobody knows

Greetings to you all ,

The Storyteller🦋

I guess here is the exclusive interview on me before my major book deal

Consider yourself lucky lol

I definitely find myself to be a person

As much as people think I share with them I really don’t share anything I don’t want to be known

I definitely don’t overshare

I am a private person

Because I realized peace comes the less people have “Ammunition” they feel they can use against you.

  1. Writing is the only way I feel I can communicate with people in a way that makes sense to me

  2. Miguel is one of my absolute favorite artist. I still complain to anyone who will listen that I am upset I missed his performance at FIU’s homecoming (2019)

  3. Sea Turtles represent my spirit animal. I love how angry and majestic they look at the same time.

  4. I have been obsessed with the soundtrack for Phantom of the Opera since 9th grade Drama class. I am not sure why this movie speaks to my soul so much

  5. This fact is new to me and I recently accepted I think Rom Coms are stupid but I will always enjoy them but they do set unrealistic toxic expectations for people. We watch these dramatic over the top gestures that come at the wrong time and place from people in real life you should definitely think twice about.

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