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I pretty much claim everyday as my day but December 5th is my special special day. The day where I don’t have to hide the fact that I will treat this day like it is all about me.

I want to wake up to Balloons

On my headboard

Spelling out Happy birthday

I want my entire room filled with Balloons

And sweets. It would be preferred to wake up with Mimosas and Gifts ready to be opened.

Because I can’t go a day without my Book Club I’d want to squeeze in a a quick Book Club photoshoot before

The Pink Hummer Limo

Picks my crew up

To take us to Universal.

I would envision to have VIP park access of course which means no waiting in lines.

I want my night to end with a beautiful show of fireworks that Spell out Happy Birthday Erica ✨

I’m pretty simple tho

Not really looking for anything Crazy or out of the ordinary for Erica but that’s just me 🤷🏿‍♀️

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