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Dream it 💌

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Book Club Question 📖

Your heart just scheduled a meeting with you

What do you think is on your hearts agenda ?

The Storyteller 🦋

My heart has been working on over drive lately.For so long my heart ached for something more. But I just couldn’t put my finger on what more looked or felt like. So rather than explore it I stayed within my comfortable bubble and I tuned my heart out. But there is only so long you could tune your heart out before you start to lose pieces of yourself. Each day I felt like I was living in a life I didn’t design. It wasn’t until I finally listened to what my heart was crying out for that my spirit finally felt refreshed. Embracing the dreams that scare and excite me has been the rejuvenation my soul needed and I’m glad I finally listened to what my heart needed.

Trust yourself

Believe in yourself

Do the things that scare you and make you uncomfortable.

Take risks

💌 Letter #4 to Robert Iger

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