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What do you believe is your purpose?

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It took so long to finally hear the calling the Lord has bestowed upon me. My calling is to set his people free. Anyone who hears this would roll their eyes and ask who do I think I am to have such a “ high purpose” and I can easily respond A CHILD OF GOD.

The people of Earth and I can only speak of Earth because no other planet has made it known of their existence yet lol( but I am sure they are getting a kick out of season 2021 of Earth)

But the people of Earth are crying out in pain.

The people are hurting and I want to return joy and smiles to those who haven’t seen sunshine in a while. Pain is a feeling we can all easily connect with but Happiness is a foreign concept to most.

I believe I was placed here to help remind people to dance in the rain even if you don’t have an umbrella.

(this is a metaphor because I am not messing up my hair )

Jeremiah 29:11

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