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What are you skeptical about?

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Honestly, I’m skeptical about everything. This world has put the L in liar. I don’t believe anything I see or anything someone tells me without proof. People have hidden agendas and are always looking out to serve their own interests no matter who it will hurt. Honestly, I have become more paranoid always looking over my shoulder for the next betrayal or sabotage ultimately waiting for me. It’s extremely stressful living this way according to all the articles and my therapist lol. But what’s my alternative? Of course one could say stop but wouldn’t it be easier to tell people to stop being so selfish and self serving ? Of course not lol. Our society is always protecting the Predators and the victims are told to get over it and be “stronger”

To be honest I am tired of being strong that doesn’t even come with a real check. I just wish people would be kinder and think about how their actions will effect someone and then choose options that doesn’t negatively impact others.

But like most wishes that involve a higher thinking and self control

I will keep wishing on a star until

People eventually get it

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