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Can beauty be found in chaos?

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I feel majority of the time life feels like complete chaos. If there is anything you can gamble on is the fact something will be placed in your path to throw you off your game.

The chaos I feel comes from so many people being stuck and lost within their own sea of misery they forget how to swim.

Most people have stopped swimming and have allowed the tide to take them into uncharted waters

So many have been lost at sea




Hidden deep within the ocean

Hoping desperately to be brought back to the land of the living

The beauty of life is there are so many beacons of light who make it their mission to guide others who have not been taken by the tide safely on their journey

Chaos is always patiently waiting……

But Beauty can be found when you open your arms and embrace the chaos

Letting it be known

That you will not be broken

Claiming the Sea as your own

No matter what happens

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