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Is there anything you considered giving up?

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I feel I’d be going against my core values if I said I didn’t consider giving up. Sometimes it’s easier to accept the things we want won’t happen to us out fear of the unknown and self doubt. Anyone notice how much easier we are to accept negative feedback about ourselves than it is for us to accept or receive positive affirmations? We instinctively shy away from compliments out of fear of drawing too much attention. Always scared to be under the scrutinizing lens of the world.

In my 9th grade English Honors course I created this poster board for my project. We were challenged with presenting a book report for the class. My favorite series at the time was The City of Bones. After creating and presenting my project, something sparked inside of me I knew from that moment I wanted to turn my books into movies. But of course to me that didn’t seem like a “realistic” goal.

Writing has always been something that always made sense to me and came as naturally as breathing. My brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world shooting a millions thoughts at once. When I write my brain finally gets to focus and channel its fire and desire to be heard in a clear and concise manner.

I almost gave up writing because I felt how could I make any money this way? But in reality how does one make money in any fashion?

The correct is ……You figure it out

I intend to figure it out and fail

Until I finally walk into my destiny that I know is waiting for me.


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