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Do you care what people think about you? How do others opinions affect you ?

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When I came to the shocking realization that most people don’t even like themselves and they put that negative energy onto anyone that seems to be moving in peace. Once I realized this I stopped caring what people thought of me. I move at my own beat and do what I want. People typically like to place their opinions on things their debit card or banking information isn’t paying for. Each month on the 1st when my bills are due nobody else’s opinions are present so I like people to keep that same energy.

Of course I am human and words do hurt. But the mean things people say about you is exactly how they feel about themselves. Sometimes when their words hurt you it’s because you’re holding those feelings about yourself.

It’s important to remember your opinion about yourself is the only one that truly matters in this lifetime as this journey is yours alone.

Don’t let anyone sink your ship with their negative ice burg energy.

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