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Have you ever settled for something?

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Like most I fell victim to the trap this world was designed for. I was forced to believe and spoon fed if you “work hard enough you’ll get the life you deserve”. The reality is this is a false narrative “working hard” is not the main ingredient needed. What is “ironically” left out is once you figure out there is no true recipe and when you work smarter rather than “harder” you see the results you actually deserve. I settled thinking the cookie cutter life

I wanted was exactly what I deserved. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my life. The original life I mapped out was indeed a “nice, stable and to the average person a “lucrative career”. However, this pandemic has proven to us there is no such thing. Nothing is stable and nothing ever makes sense unless you want it to. The life I left behind was indeed more of a boring fairytale rather than an exciting reality.

The life I want involves




Magical things happening because I went after it

This world can give us exactly what we want plus more if you know how to play the game right.

As I will continue to say

I am playing to win 🎮

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