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Do you think core values still exist ?

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Core values is a word that seems almost as foreign as kindness in this society. People truly have loss any sense of a moral compass to guide them through this treacherous world. When core values existed within society

People would work together as a community to survive and protect each other. However, the reality now is you always have to be looking out for yourself in hopes that someone is not out to get you. It’s exhausting constantly stepping into the next betrayal or inconsiderate treatment always graciously waiting for you. This is the most selfish generation that always complains about being lonely and unheard but Burns every bridge to preserve themselves.

Core values

I hold myself at are the following


Being true to your authentic self no matter what the world thinks.


Taking accountability for your actions and choices without always placing blame on others for how you respond


Understanding everyone is battling something different and not adding fuel to the fire when you can just simply be a good person


Not taking life too serious

Enjoying the simple things in life


When life knocks you down getting back up ready to fight harder is key 🥊

Core values keeps us grounded to what’s important in this lifetime.

What do you value ?

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