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Dr.Smile 🦷

Dr.Smile 🦷

She was flunking out of dental school

Well not literally

But mentally

She couldn’t get pass their teachings

That candy was bad

She never believed it

She would never make it as a “successful” dentist

If she was just as indulgent like her patients

How could she deny

Herself tho

One of the most tasteful treasures

Life has gifted us ?

She was addicted to candy

There was something about a sour or sweet piece of candy that sent her tastebuds into a frenzy

She loved candy

But she also had this passion

For teeth 🦷

It had been her family tradition

And it was one she was proud of

She would be the first in her family not to be a dentist if she didn’t focus

She was torn

Not because candy was so important to her she would break several generations of tradition for

She was torn because she felt

Like a hypocrite

Because of her feelings towards sugary delights

She didn’t know what to do

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