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What would you do with the time you had

If you knew it was running out soon?

The StoryTeller🦋

It’s an interesting concept

That it takes health scares and near death experiences for people to now “change” their life to be a better person etc. The irony is we already knew our time here was limited

The only thing we can guarantee in this life is death

Yet day in and day out

People still choose wrong

Not worrying about the consequences

I just don’t feel it should take a traumatic life moment for you to decide

Now you want to be a good person

Not taking away anyone’s progress

But to me you don’t get brownie points for doing something

Like being a decent human

All of a sudden as if that washes away the damage from the past

Being a good person

Doesn’t mean you’re perfect

But aware of the choices you make and how they effect others

From childhood we are taught right from wrong

And life does happen

But your choices reflect your character

And ultimately dictate your story

If we lived everyday

Like it was our last

I feel life would feel more worth while majority of the time rather than occasionally

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