Design your cell

My name is Ember

And welcome to my jail

Now you may be thinking

Oh it doesn’t look like a jail

That’s only because

They allow you to design your cell

I suppose so they feel it’s more


Humane lol

That’s a joke

I lost my humanity a long time ago

But that’s a story for another day

Today is another boring

Pointless day

Everyday for the past 700 years have felt

Like a complete waste

And I suppose again prison isn’t suppose to be fun

Even if you get to design it

Hmmm unless maybe it could be ?

Idk I’ve given up hope

Of ever making it out of my life sentence

The only way out of this cell is death

And Trust me I’ve thought about it


That’s a story for another day

Some days I wish I could break free from this cell

And start Over

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