He was nervous everytime he got around her

It’s like she had this magnetic force that always seemed to find a way to draw her near him

Being around her he felt

Felt different

It was hard to explain

But he never felt this way about any other girl before

Something about her

Made him feel Alive again inside

As if there was still hope for a better tomorrow

Football was cool

His life was cool

But none of it filled him upside

Everything always felt like another expectation he felt obligated to uphold

He wasn’t complaining


Anyone would be envious of his life

But he always wondered if people knew the cost of their comparisons would they still crave it ?

His life had been mapped out for him since he was born

And it was honestly becoming quiet exhausting

But with her

He Felt he didn’t have to meet any expectations

He could just show up as himself

And she would still make his world spin

With her smile

Ugh he was ruining the moment he had with her

Overthinking per usual

He finally noticed the car was silent

He handed her the Aux cord And smiled

Maybe this would change the vibe in the car

He was almost to her apartment

He didn’t want the night to end so soon

He wanted more time with her

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