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So I’ve been thinking that although we can all agree the world is crappy majority of the time. There are plenty of moments of fun and kindness if you know where to look.

Sometimes while we are so busy complaining about how bad things are

We overlook what’s in front of us

the world is bad

But a negative attitude

Is as detrimental to the spirit

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my attitude

And I’ve realized I have a piss poor attitude

And not on purpose

I just get so overwhelmed so easily

And I shut the world out

This dimension is boring

And majority of the time I am not in this reality

And I’m inside my own head

And I get frustrated when I’m pulled out of my dimension and it’s not for entertainment purposes

I am guilty of this

And my attitude reflects this sometimes

I’ve been reflecting of how I’ve treated my mom sometimes

And again obviously not on purpose

But I can get short and impatient with her

When she doesn’t deserve it

My mom is the kindness soul I’ve met on this planet

She is literally the smartest person I know

And she has such a good heart

She is always trying to give

Even if that means she goes without

She is literally the best

And sometimes I am not on my best behavior

And I feel ashamed of how I act sometimes

Life is so short and we sometimes forget

We should cherish

The time we have with the people who love us truly unconditionally

I am working on my impatience

And my attitude

To be the daughter my mom deserves

All I want to do is make her proud

And finally give her the rest she deserves

I love my mom more than anything in this world


If you have the opportunity make sure you’re nice to your mom and you let you her know how special she is

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