Catfish Reflection

So I did a poll about catfish today

Because I seriously want to know if anyone has sympathy for people who get catfished past the year 2018 lol

But there was one episode that really stuck out to me

I can’t erase this episode from my memory

Because of how disgusted I was by the episode. One of the characters from love and hop hop happened to be featured on this episode and through the entire episode you’re like there is no way it’s him. And when you see him standing on that bridge my mouth fell open. I was genuinely surprised and disturbed about that excuse given. He stated it was “nephew” who had been using his account to send inappropriate messages and have relationships with people on the internet. There are so many things problematic about this but the fact that you could open your mouth to say you knew was just the icing on the cake. This person time and time again has only been portrayed as a distasteful individual when it comes to women so I wasn’t truly shocked.

It was more amusing because the nephew when he was hearing the story reacted as if this was the first time he was hearing what “ he was doing”


It was even more amusing he took the time to respond to my message on Instagram. I didn’t even say anything crazy

aside from pointing out how baffled I was alongside playing K Michelle Can’t raise a man



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