Caps Off 🎓

She knew she was in a major dilemma

Everything she had worked for could all come crashing down

If she didn’t make the best choice for her

She had a secret she hid from

Her family…

If they found out

Would they even love her anymore ?

All these thoughts made her sick to her stomach

Her parents had been paying for her to earn her degree biology

But what she didn’t tell them is she changed her major To something that lit a fire in her soul

And ” didn’t make money”

She was a Dance major

And she was good at

Like really good

The “dream” they had for her

Was to go to medical school

But all she wanted to do was dance

She did make sure

To take the Biology prerequisites just incase lol

Today was the biggest day in her life

And she was stuck

Graduation was next week

And everyone would be flying into town

Today she had the biggest dance audition in her life

To tour with the person

Who initially lit the fire in her soul

When she saw them dance on stage

She waited her whole life

For this day

And on the other hand

She had her interview with Harvard Medical school in today

They loved her admissions essay

Because of how authentic she was about her dancing

She stood out

As she always did

She didn’t didn’t know what to do ?

How could she walk away from everything she worked hard for but she could live with the guilt of disappointing her family ?

She kept thinking to herself

But didn’t she deserve to be Happy ?

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