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Breaking Free

I truly feel like I’m dying

From the inside out

And it’s because I’m really tired of living a lie

I feel we were forced to adopt this messed up ideology of what life is

And when you look at it

And explain it to a child

And the only explanation you can give

Is that’s just how it is

I don’t think that’s right

I’m so tired of lying everyday

And hiding who I am

I’m tired of having to go to work everyday

And lie and be fake

Because I need to keep the job because “politics”

I’m tired of lying

because customers hate the truth

I’m so tired of staying quiet in meetings

When what they are saying makes no sense

And you watch those co workers who are Truly passionate about the job

And they challenge leadership

Ohhhhh leadership doesn’t like that

No matter how much they say “ we want your feedback”

You watch those passionate people

Get isolated in the position

Because they are they are the “trouble makers”

And it’s not fair

That when you speak facts

People treat you like you’re crazy

I’m sick of it

People want their answers in your voice

And I’m sick of it

And I feel every that shell is cracking


And when I tell you

Each time it cracks

I feel so free

Like it’s something I can’t explain unless you been through it

When you legit stop caring you become free

do your own thing because the way people move doesn’t work for me

And the crazy thing

You can do it

Cuz guess what ?????

We have free will

To do whatever we want

And I’m not living the rest of my existence

Like a slave to a system that doesn’t make sense

I feel so free

And happy

And honestly

I only want to be around people who vibe like that

For so long I’ve hid who I was

Mostly because I didn’t know

That girl

But… that I know her

I’ve come to terms and accepted this version of me

Is so elite

And I refuse to go back

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