Book Review 🦋



Okay so I finished the Issa Book yesterday

Honestly I wasn’t impressed as I thought I would be. The book definitely was entertaining and enlightening of course.

But I suppose my dislike for the book …hmm

Maybe not the book “itself” but

Something about self self-deprecating under tones of the book was cringe to me

Like idk this world is weird

Where people are so comfortable making fun of themselves to make others laugh

In the same weird world

People who actually appreciate the way they look are “self centered, narcissistic etc”

It’s like you can’t win in this world


I didn’t really enjoy this read like I thought I would

Also I could have went my whole life without knowing about that roach in your 🐱 on the plane lol

One thing about Issa is she gonna she gonna share and tell it all


(Also Just in case Issa comes across this I want it known I still love all your work lol )

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