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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Before you Quit your Job

I truly enjoyed this novel for someone who truly prefers fiction books over non fiction. Although, it took a while to digest the information and I will still take more time learning the concepts

I am so please to have been mentally transported into a world that exists in reality that I’m not a part of.

Money is the biggest fantasy for most

Simply because majority of us don’t have it

Or truly understand how to manage the money we do have.

The gems provided in this book

Provided me a fresh prospective on the concept of money I never considered

Majority of us are taught the inefficient way to get money and maintain it

Majority of people have no clue about assets

And different types of money.

We only practice what’s been shown to us

And we fall in the same trap as the ones before us.

The biggest key to understand about money is your mindset when it comes to money.

Rich or poor

your mindset will always matter

This book definitely helped answer so many questions and made me feel less alone in my thought process.

I’m currently at the point where I no longer can take this rat race.

I truly feel like I’m suffocating in a cage

And I want out

and the only way out is to take control of your life

I was excited that the answers I am seeking are out there

With clear road maps

But the only issue

I keep struggling with is finding a stronger mission to keep me grounded

Because anyone technically can make money

But with a poor mindset you will be back in the same position as someone with no money

I want to be free from checking my bank account daily

Stressing about bills

But most importantly I want control of my life

Fully understanding the B1 triangle

Is my next goal

I hope to one day meet the author

And say thank you

For helping me feel like I’m not crazy

Thinking it’s possible to escape this rat race

See you guys on the other side

Of the race one day !!

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