Book Club Time Machine ⌛️

Book Club Time Machine ⌛️


Now I don’t usually like Non fiction books but I had to train my brain

That it’s okay to actually learn from books without being entertained lol

I was recommended this book by a friend

During a time in my life when I needed to make a change

Clearly I was the

Common denominator in every situation in my life involving other people

I learned why I was attracting

Emotionally unavailable People

And I wanted to change the narrative of my story

When I read this novel two years ago my Attachment style was Anxious

In the meantime I thought I was using the tools and I improved to the secure attachment style

However when I retook the quiz

I went from from Anxious

To Avoidant

So much for thinking I was at the Secure level

Honestly, I was actually shocked visually to see the differences in my attachment style

I am actually disappointed

Because I have become in my opinion a better version

But at the cost of I don’t really trust people anymore

And for good reasons

But it is a lonely place

Always feeling the need to try and protect yourself for unknown threats

Guess I have more work to do lol

What’s your attachment style ?

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