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Book Club Review 💭

The Chosen One



Q💭 What are your thoughts on the novel ?

A🦋 I had so many mixed emotions reading this books. There were moments like I said felt odd but I suppose that was the intergalactic part of the story. Overall the book had me in tears most of the time.

Honestly It’s so hard to explain being black to non black people mostly because everyone felt the need to exclude us and treat us like the plague. However, like always we are expected to move on and be okay and just happy to be sharing space with “others “

This book touched heavily on the black experience at PWI Ivy League institution.

Echo started her freshmen year scared, confused, lost and unsure of who she was in this world. Like majority of us we aimlessly wander hoping to finally be accepted by others .

Unfortunately, the lesson most of us seem to miss collectively is self accepted is worth more than outside praise.

In order to finally see who she really was inside Echo had to do the mirror work and

Accept the woman in the mirror flaws and all.

Like Echo I had to do some soul searching

To truly see for the first time

Who really was that girl staring back at me.

For the first time I wanted to know this familiar stranger

Honestly I was scared to meet her

For so long I avoided her intense gaze

For so long the fire inside felt like it was brewing waiting for the perfect moment to boil over. And when it finally spilled over everything inside of me felt like my outer shell

Was ripping me into this pain reality

No longer could I avoid the enchantress’s

Watchful gaze

I was finally forced to stare

Into her eyes

And when I finally faced my fears and looked I was able to take accountability and accepted my past had to be what it was meant to be

For the first time I finally felt free

I finally felt like the piece I’ve been desperately searing for finally returned to me

Similar to Echo I had to understand I am a diamond no matter if I get a little scratched up

My value will always remain true

If I believe it

It’s hard to feel like you have value in a world constantly telling you otherwise

Call to Action 🦋

Do the hard work and get to know yourself

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