Book Club Recommendations 💭

The Pursuit of Porsha

by Porsha Williams

Review 4/5


Q:Did this book evoke any strong feelings for you ?

Honestly yes.

I know people automatically pre-judge the book based off of the author which I don’t think it’s fair. I was extremely curious About Porscha and wanted to read this book. When I tell you I was Hooked on the first chapter.

I truly appreciate how transparent she was about her struggles. There was no glitz & glamour just straight up raw scars.

Scars we all are too familiar with.

I felt like I could relate to a lot of the things she spoke about in her book.

The sadness and pain she shared

Made my heart ache. The mistakes

She shared made me reflect on my own past and what lessons was I suppose to learn.

I appreciated Porsha

Opening up about things most people are too scared to reveal. But transparency is the only way to be free from the weight of this world.

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