Black Hearted Demons

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Scooby Doo showed us

The “monsters” we feared truly were the same people who smiled in our face

But the reality black people live in is the monsters are free to smile in your face and hide under their white cloaks

It truly peaks the curiosity of my soul

How people are able

With all their heart and energy will defend their hateful ways

If you can justify racism and

Treating another race inhumane

And I’m sure there are people who have every defense line up

To justify their hateful black hearts

You’re the same type of person who

Could justify rape and child molestation

The same type of people who can justify human trafficking

I consider these group of individuals as

The lowest of the lows of humans on this earth

Because “the victim “ was always asking for it right ?

The truth makes people angry

Because they refuse to see

How disgusting they truly are

How inhumane you have become

And maybe they simply don’t care

I hope on judgment day

You have the answer to Gods question

Of what have you done here with your time on earth

And I hope you get exactly what you deserve

For eternity

That also scares Me living with sociopaths who don’t worry about the after life

People think this place is hell

But we truly have no idea where and how long the next destination will or will not be

But y’all still choose hate and violence

Being black

In not only America but the world

Is such a hard feeling

Where you are constantly trying to just live and enjoy the one life you were given

With the constant reminders that you’re not welcome here

We are constantly under attack

Everyday we walk out of of our house

Scared and terrified

To see any cop car

And the ones who justify the violence are always comfortably able to fix their lips and say ……

“maybe if you didn’t act suspicious

They wouldn’t bother you “

And you watch time and time again

When you’re acting “ not suspicious “

You’re still gunned down and murdered

And now you’re a hash tag

W people will

Jump into water infested with sharks

And put their head in a lions mouth

Wrestle with an alligator

But have the audacity to clutch their purse when you walk by because clearly none of those real threats are real threats

But your blackness is a threat

The hate W people have spread on this Earth is disgusting and

If you condone this

you’re part of the problem

The fact when black people who were literally under attack

And always are

Cried out in pain that our lives matter

Because we clearly had to remind everyone

Since that fact gets overlooked time and time again

The response was that All lives matter

It truly is amusing

The hate people have in their hearts

Will never cease to disgust me

It’s interesting as well that Black people are painted and depicted as these monsters

In reality the Hate W people have in their hearts truly has plagued this Earth.

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