Be Prepared ⚔️

Today is feeling like one of those days

Where I just don’t want to do anything

I don’t want to go to work

I don’t want to do anything

But just lay down

And rest

My bones feel so tired

My mind feels drained

Doing this 5 days of work

To just be in the same place

Each year isn’t where it’s at

It’s exhausting

Dealing with people on a daily basis

Who have such low vibration

People are so worried about the wrong things

And it’s exhausting

I don’t have the energy to tell people

all the stupid material things we are programmed to think

Matter doesn’t really matter

Stuff is stuff

Stuff comes and goes

Stuff gets broken and stolen

I want to focus on how to elevate my spirit to higher levels

And not be surrounded by people who only focus on this made up world

Like it legit makes no sense

We work 5 days a week in areas that we aren’t passionate about

Wasting our time

Not to even be compensated for your time

None of this makes sense

It makes no sense we are governed by “people” who don’t care about us

I don’t think the people who are in charge

Give a F about us

Because if they did

This world wouldn’t feel like a prison

We have leaders who I feel must be aliens

Without emotions

Because it’s unacceptable

How this world has become

Where money and fear govern the people

And those who speak out

Are eliminated

I’m ready to stand up to the big boss

And fight for my freedom

Because I refuse to accept this as my reality

Even if it means my demise

Nothing can be worst this

I’m gonna build an army

And we are gonna fight with love




It’s gonna be a force so strong


Money can’t penetrate

This message is for you

Big Boss

Because I know you’re listening

I’m coming for you

And I’m taking my people with me

You can have the rest

But it’s War

And I’m no longer gonna be a prisoner

I’m coming for you

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