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A Time for Romance Heart Break Addition 💔

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Spending Wednesday nights with him was starting to become her favorite part of the week. Of course she had to watch Empire first but as soon as it was over he got all her attention.

Being around him she had so many mixed feelings. That semester her feelings for him blossomed therefore now everytime they were together her Nerves felt out of control

She wanted him

she appreciated his chill vibe

And she also appreciated how

He never made her feel pressured to put on a show or to act in any way that wasn’t natural for her

He let her be her

Good and bad

there were some Wednesday nights

where her imagination would get the best of her.When they sat on the couch … she wanted him to just reach over and kiss her.

sadly for her it never happened …

She sometimes wondered if the bad she showed him was too much for him to ever see her in a romantic light

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